Fishing in the Poconos Mountains

Fishing, also known as angling, is a sport that involves capturing fish in freshwater or saltwater using a reel, line, and anchor. Fishing as a sport has a long history. Figures fishing with rod and line and nets are depicted in an Egyptian angling scene from about 2000 BCE. Fishing with a silk string, a needle hook, and a bamboo rod with cooked rice as bait is described in a Chinese account from around the 4th century BCE.

In the United States, fishing is one of the most common outdoor leisure sports. About 50 million Americans visited the nation’s wetlands in 2019 to participate in inland, saltwater, and fly-fishing events, the most significant attendance rate in over a decade.

Many Americans have been forced to retreat into their homes as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Trips to the store and trips to open areas for physical activity are certain people’s only exits. That’s why a trip to the local lake with a fishing pole in hand has been a common way to get out of the door. Thanks to this, the number of people looking for fishing licenses is at its highest level in four years.

Reasons why fishing is beneficial to you

  • Increases your vitamin D intake

Getting outside allows the body to replenish vital Vitamin D stores. It keeps your bones and teeth safe by regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and has been related to the treatment of depression.


  • Supports the management of wildlife and fisheries

Fishing is a valuable method for wildlife conservation. Anglers have contributed to wildlife and fisheries conservation activities for more than a century by helping to establish seasons and creel limits. As a result, many fish species’ wildlife populations are stable, if not thriving, a far cry from a decade ago, when many species suffered from overfishing and pollution’s harmful effects.


  • Self Fulfillment

Fishing allows you to boost your self-esteem by practicing environmental stewardship, learning outdoor skills, and reaching personal goals. Fishing can be beneficial to one’s personal and social growth as well. Fishing is an ability that can be learned and appreciated at any age. Ask a child who has caught their first fish how much fun fishing can be.



What to know if you are a beginner?

  • Get a license

Licenses are available for purchase online, at fishing markets, and on occasion in convenience stores. A day license usually is cheap (less than $20), but the exact price varies by state and residence, as nonresident fishing licenses are more costly.


  • Etiquette

It’s important to respect other anglers, the fish you catch, and the ecosystem. Don’t crowd a spot where everyone else is fishing: On the busiest waters, allow other anglers at least 50 to 60 feet and more than a few hundred yards if there aren’t many people around. Hold no more fish than you can consume, and still practice leave-no-trace ethics.


  • Gear

As a beginner, a spinning reel and rod combo is your best bet. The term “combo” indicates that the reel and rod are sold together, which means they’re normally easier to set up. As for any outdoor activity, your fishing needs may grow as you accumulate more experience; after a few months, you’ll probably want to upgrade your gear, and waders and boots can be added to your arsenal later.

Fishing in the Poconos Mountains

Suppose you’re looking for trout, bass, pickerel, walleye, stripers, or a host of other fish. Visit these outstanding jewels here in the Poconos Mountains to catch a delicious dinner or enjoy the thrill of the sport.

Explore stunning Lake Wallenpaupack and other Lakes around the area. Pennsylvania’s lakes have become one of the Poconos’ most prized recreation areas.

Bring your fishing rod and reel to The Poconos for some summer fishing. The majority of the lakeside projects have beach areas with fishing. Big Browns Fish & Pay Lakes is also a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids.

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You can stay in our properties. Having an amazing view in front of the lake or exploring the forest around the house. Choose what suits you best. We make sure all our guests feel comfortable and have a relaxing vacation.

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