The fun of paddleboarding 


If you’ve been to a beach, lake, or river, you’ve probably seen an increase in the number of individuals gliding smoothly across the water, appearing to be standing on the water. It may look weird, and you probably have been wondering how is it possible, right?

However, after a closer investigation, it reveals that they’re standing on what appear to be surfboards and pushing themselves through the water with a paddle. It isn’t even limited to one person per board in certain situations, with some boards capable of transporting up to eight people.

So, what’s exactly paddleboarding? 

Paddleboarding is a popular water activity that is best done on open water. To swim and move ahead, people use their arms while reclining, kneeling, or standing on a paddleboard or surfboard.  

Paddleboarding has an attraction that is enhanced by the sport’s calming character. People may enjoy a pleasant, leisurely sail on the lake while getting a wonderful full-body workout. Paddleboarding began as a traditional Hawaiian sport and has since spread around the globe.

The sport has a wide following and continues to be one of the fastest-growing sports globally since th

e boards are easy to travel, can be used on nearly any body of water, and are considerably cheaper than alternative forms of water entertainment.

One element that has benefited paddleboarding’s rise is the short learning curve. Paddleboarding is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all sizes and ability levels. As long as you’re on the RIGHT BOARD, only a rudimentary degree of balance and talent is necessary.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a newer derivative of paddleboarding that has only been around for the past decade. This sport is becoming more and more popular each year. Unlike surfing, you can practice this sport in a lake or river in addition to the ocean.

Origins of Paddleboarding 

While it may appear to be a new activity, the principle of stand-up paddling has been around for millennia, with many ancient Hawaiian villages employing a kind of stand-up paddling to travel and fish. 

Paddleboarding, on the other hand, did not gain popularity until the 2000s. On calmer water days, pro surfer Laird Hamilton used to stand up paddleboards to stay in shape for the ocean.

The sport has now become mainstream. Paddleboards are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Stand-up paddleboarding races and meetings may be found all across the country.

Benefits of Paddle Boarding 

  1. A Fantastic Cardio Workout

Don’t be misled by how simple it appears from the beach. If you want to make it an intensive exercise, you can. Getting your heart rate up may be as simple as increasing your work rate, racing buddies, or incorporating ‘HITT’ style methods into your workout. Circulation is improved by ensuring that you are continuously moving.  

Your cardiac fitness will increase if you incorporate SUP into your daily regimen, which means a decreased risk of diabetes, joint difficulties, heart attack, and stroke. Who wouldn’t want something like that? Allow your friends or family to join you in a SUP race to make it more valuable and enjoyable.

  1. Mental Health Benefits

The first advantage that most people think of is physical, and although this is accurate and deserves to be at the top of our list, the mental benefits are enormous for many others.

 It takes more than just your thoughts to get your body to function together. Being outdoors and engaging with nature has a profoundly good influence on your mental health. This is true of most outdoor activities, but when you combine it with the concentration levels and healing impact of water, you have a winner.

  1. It helps to relieve stress. 

To some extent, everyone is stressed. It might become dangerous and create mental issues if it spirals out of control. It is critical to keep your stress levels under control at all times for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. The human body and mind have been shown to relax when exposed to water. Almost every human being finds the sound of water and the surrounding environment to be quite relaxing. When you start paddling and get into a rhythm, when you inhale the fresh air outside, stress will start to go away. 

  1. Environmental awareness.

Grab a board and a sup paddle and jump in if you love nature and want to see it as you’ve never seen it before. Paddle paddling allows you to be immersed in nature both metaphorically and literally. You may feel the ebbs and flows of streams, lakes, and seas while standing on a board. As water lapping at your toes and feet, you can get a closer look at nature and its wildlife.

  1. Increases Vitamin D 

This benefit is especially essential if you seldom get the chance to be outside in the sun. A little sunshine is beneficial to your health since it increases your vitamin D levels. Sunlight may also have a calming and relaxing impact on you. When you’re out paddling, make sure to soak in as much sun as possible—as long as you’re wearing sunscreen, of course.

Paddleboarding in The Poconos Mountains 

It’s no surprise that the Pocono Mountains are a paradise for paddlers of all kinds, with 150 lakes and 170 river kilometers to explore. Whether you like whitewater rafting or stand-up paddleboarding, our region has a plethora of gorgeous and pristine waterways to choose from.

Enjoy a day on the Delaware River, surrounded on both sides by layers of lush green hills rising up from the water’s edge. Take a leisurely route along the Lehigh River’s rapids or take a leisurely route through the inlets of Lake Wallenpaupack.

Don’t have a paddleboard? Don’t worry, we have one at our Lake House, so it’s perfect to enjoy the lake in front of the house. 

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