The Perfect Getaway

We know how stressful living in a big city can be. Suddenly you are tired of constant honking, people rushing up all the time, and it is hard to take a break and feel peace for a moment. Even staying at home with the pandemic happening has represented a whole challenge not only for you but for your entire family.

With summer approaching, we have the perfect solution for you, and nothing better than planning a getaway to The Poconos. So, get ready to change the sound of traffic for birds chirping and rustling leaves.

The Poconos is a destination suitable for everybody. The wonderful landscape, luxury accommodations, hiking routes, lakes, beaches, and waterparks, makes the area the fitting place where your family can have a fun time while on vacation.

You will find fun activities to do with your kids, family, partner, or friends. Do not worry if you are more like a solo traveler; this place is also for you.

Healing nature

Did you know that our surroundings impact our well-being? Being in nature helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only helps you to feel more relaxed but makes you feel better emotionally. It also contributes to your physical health by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

If you are looking to escape from the city and be surrounded by nature, then The Poconos area is your place. You can connect with nature and enjoy many of its benefits. Our beautiful area is close to the mountains, clear lakes, and flower-covered valleys. So if you are a peace seeker, you may feel at home.

Besides the amazing views, you will also be in contact with a variety of wildlife. The state of Pennsylvania takes wildlife conservation very seriously. Thus, it is responsible for ensuring that the life of each of the animals in the area is protected.

When visiting The Poconos, you may notice the wide variety of animals, from squirrels and raccoons to deers and bears. The Poconos is also a great place for bird watching. This landscape provides a special habitat for different types of birds. Especially in summer, where you can see migratory birds fill the forests.

Seeing the animals in their natural habitat complements the incredible views of the landscape. It is, without a doubt, the best place to reconnect with nature, feel at peace and enjoy summer.

Breathtaking views

The Poconos region is intersected with narrow trails and observation areas that will take your breath away because of their beauty.

If it is your first time visiting, we can assure you that you will fall in love with it. The region’s cascading waterfalls, majestic peaks, and vast woodlands have enchanted visitors for years.

Never endless summer

We know that having the perfect vacation is challenging. It’s hard to find a place where every member of the family can have fun. But that’s not the case of The Poconos. Here everyone can have some fun.

Maybe your ideal vacation is sunbathing, headphones on listening to your favorite music, or perhaps reading a book, having the view of the lake as a background. If that is the case, you can have all the comfort you need at our luxury accommodations. We make sure to always provide the best service to our guests, so you don’t have to worry and only enjoy your stay here.

If, on the other hand, your ideal vacation is full of adrenaline and adventure, The Poconos is also the right place for you. Enjoy different activities such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, or paddleboarding. You will also have incredible hiking routes, ideal to discover amazing views of the entire area. You may even see waterfalls and venture to explore the forests.

You’re probably wondering if these activities are suitable for children. Yes, some of them are, but visiting The Poconos in the summer is also a great opportunity to take the little ones to have some fun at the area’s water parks.

After experiencing The Poconos in its best season, you definitely won’t want to leave and have a never endless summer instead. And yes, once at The Poconos, going back to the city might be a challenge.

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