Living in a big city has many benefits, great food, lots of things to do, museums, art galleries, new restaurants, there’s always something to do. After a while living in a big city might be overwhelming, and yeah, having a picnic in Central Park is not enough to feel that you are connecting with nature.

With work, home duties, and other responsibilities, it is hard to plan a vacation far away. If that’s your case don’t worry, you can enjoy nature and have a relaxing weekend not so far from you. The Poconos Mountains is the ideal place for a quick escape with your family. So, here is a travel guide for you.

How to get to the Poconos Mountains?

When to go?

What to bring?

  • So, if you’re planning a vacation, here’s what to pack for your trip to the Poconos.

    • Rain Gear

    Recognize the likelihood of rain during your stay and pack accordingly. You might need an umbrella, mud-resistant shoes, and a raincoat.

    • Outdoor Backpack

    For your outdoor adventures, carry a backpack. It should be lightweight enough to hold water bottles, snacks, and extra clothing over long distances.

    • Bathing Suit

    If the weather is 72 degrees and sunny, you’ll want to be outside by the pool. If you plan on doing some aquatic sports, a swimming suit is also recommended.

    • Professional camera

    The Poconos Mountains have spectacular views, wildlife, and fantastic landscape, so having a professional camera with you will be worth it.

    • Sports gear

    If you practice any sport, like tenis or golf, or if you are more fan of hiking make sure to bring all your gear like hiking boots, ski clothing, proper boots.

Where to stay?

If you want a fantastic view, our Lake Side house might be the best option. You can enjoy breakfast surrounded by nature. Out Designer Lodge is also an excellent option to reconnect with nature; overlooking the lush green countryside and its wildlife, this stylish lodge has everything you need for a comfortable vacation.

They’re plenty of activities you can do in each season. You can also enjoy Lake Naomi Club amenities, practice water sports, or even take sailing classes. If you are planning your next future vacation, the Poconos Mountains is the best place for it.

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