Why Summer Vacations are Important  


Do you remember that one summer vacation or family trip when you were a kid that was forever imprinted in your consciousness as one of your favorite memories? Consider this: are your kids making the same kinds of memories?

Vacations with your family not only create lifelong memories, but they also get you and your family out of the norm, exposing you to different cultures, tastes, and experiences, and according to study, they’re even excellent for your health!

People return from vacation happier and more relaxed, according to some research. The study also discovered that these people were more productive and had stronger family ties, which is unsurprising. 


Why should you have a summer holiday? 


Summer is generally associated with the sense of vacation, even after school has ended. Of course, once you reach maturity, you are free to travel whenever you choose, but there is something inherently alluring about traveling during the summer. Part of it stems from our memories of happy summers as children, but there are several more reasons why summer enhances your holiday experience.


  • Perfect Weather: 


When traveling in the summer, the first thing that springs to mind is the pleasant weather. Summer’s pleasant temperature enables almost any holiday activity to take place without being hampered by weather. You may plan anything without having to worry about excessive cold or snow getting in the way. 


  • Easy Packing: 


Summer offers for easier packing, owing in part to the weather. Lighter textiles are recommended due to the warmth, therefore bulkier items may be left behind while packing your suitcase. As a result, you’ll have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs and presents from your trip. You also won’t have to pack any proper gear, such as coats or sweaters.


  • Different activities: 


Summer provides you with the most vacation options. Whether you like the excitement of a water park or the tranquility of the beach, both are more appealing in the summer. Furthermore, with more locations accessible for your vacationing enjoyment throughout the summer, you will be able to take advantage of all your location has to offer.

Spending time with your family 


Vacations are enjoyable. At home, there are a lot of obligations. There are chores to be done, clothing to be washed, errands to be performed, and duties to be met for parents. Life may be full of joy and worry-free when on vacation. A weekend camping vacation or a weeklong vacation in the Poconos Mountains might provide a welcome escape from everyday life. 

One of the most important aspects of a long summer vacation is the quality time that families can spend together when it comes to family trips. Unfortunately, the severe obligations that the rest of the school year placed on everyone’s time and energy leave little opportunity for healthy family interactions.

When families don’t spend enough time together, their bonding and capacity to manage problems when they emerge may suffer. In addition, many families have relatives who live far away, necessitating a lengthier vacation in order for the journey to be worthwhile.

Vacations give both the quality and amount of time that children crave. On vacation, they frequently feel loved and supported. In addition, a trip is a natural opportunity for everyone in the family to disconnect from all of their electronics.

Vacations allow families to go on adventures together. They serve as a backdrop for parents and their children to exchange memories, fostering a stronger family tie. In addition, vacations are a great time to teach your kids about the world they live in and the advantages of being open-minded.


Summer Vacation in the Poconos Mountains 

After a 90-minute trip from New York City, you’ll find yourself in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, right in the center of nature.  These well-known mountains are also only 90 minutes from Philadelphia and four hours from Washington, D.C. Because of their closeness, the Pocono Mountains are a popular getaway for city dwellers seeking nature, tranquility, and adventure. Making the area the perfect getaway for a summer vacation. 



What to do in the Poconos this summer? 


  • Four-Day Inn to Inn Bike Ride:


Bike 142 miles of rail route on the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, a Smithsonian Affiliate. From Jim Thorpe to Washington Crossing, this four-day bike adventure is an inn-to-inn stay. Enjoy three award-winning tiny communities in Pennsylvania.  From Jim Thorpe’s mountains to Bethlehem’s cobblestone streets and New Hope’s innovative architecture, there’s a lot to see. Each of these towns is a well-known tourist attraction that is as distinct as it is appealing. 


  • Lehigh Gorge Scenic Train Excursions: 


Relax and enjoy the voyage aboard historical coaches that date back to 1917 and are powered by diesel engines. The scenic Lehigh River is followed through bridges, past Glen Onoko, and into Lehigh Gorge State Park on this guided round-trip. Along the woodland road to Old Penn Haven, the train is surrounded by high-rise cliffs, mountain beauty, and animals. Passengers must wear a mask while onboard, and additional carriages will be added to all trains to allow passengers to disperse out.


  • Nature walks: 


Learn about the woodlands on a trek with one of PEEC’s knowledgeable staff. You never know what you’ll come across out there, so don’t be scared to ask a lot of questions. On June 12 and August 8, 2021, there will be Nature Walks.


  • At the Farm Series at White Stag Farms:


At the Farm with The Cooperage Project at White Stag Farm in Tyler Hill, PA is open to friends, relatives, and neighbors. Camp White Stag will feature their farm camp, which aims to teach the next generation about the environment, animals, land, and food systems. On a tour with activities for younger learners, you’ll learn about the significance of regenerative agriculture.

Where to stay? 


Both our properties in the Poconos Mountains offer all the comfort for your family vacation. If you want feel free to reach out to us to give you the best recommendations for tours around the area. 


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